Shake & Wake
An alarm app for those mornings when you must get up.
Shake your iPhone to shut the alarm off.
Work Logger
A simple free work logger, that helps time your activities.
Waker Alarm
Never sleep through your alarm again! Shut your Alarm off by playing your favorite game.
You will have to Wake Up with Waker Alarm.
Dyslexia Helper
Dyslexia Helper is designed to help correct the disorientation of individuals who experience dyslexia, and other learning difficulties.
Dyslexia Detector
Use Dyslexia Detector to test for a learning difficulty so you can correct and improving the way you learn.
Cue Cards for your iPhone.
The ultimate tool for your next presentation.
Sick of flicking and sliding your finger, or shaking and titling your iPhone?
Now there is a game that is completely controlled by the power of your breath.
Blast Up
Blast Up is an explosive 2D platform physics game, that challenges your strategic poking skills.
Circled 2.0
Are you the next Da Vinci. Test your circle drawing skills with this extremely addictive game. You'll never want to put it down.
Outdraw 2.0
Test your quick draw reflexes against the fastest draws in the west. Learn to read their tells and anticipate their moves.